photo“Recently we sold a house on Nantucket and we were fortunate enough to hire Nantucket Estate Sales, to coordinate a “tag sale” to sell a number of items that we could no longer use. We made money  selling things that we no longer needed.”

“Nantucket Estate Sales also managed the donation of additional items to Nantucket non-profit organizations, which provided tax deduction receipts and also arranged for the balance of the items in the house to be removed. The house was delivered to us “empty” and ready for the closing.”

“Nantucket Estate Sales professional and resourceful handling of everything, made the whole process easy for us, even though we live in New Jersey.To make it even better, the entire service was provided at an extremely reasonable price. It doesn’t get much better than this!”

“I would encourage anyone who has something that needs to be organized  or a house that has to be emptied for a sale to call Nantucket Estate Sales; you will be happy that you did.”

“You did a terrific job and you managed to pull it off with a high degree of professionalism and resourcefulness, which is amazing.  We were very lucky to have signed you up to manage this whole thing for us!”

We could not have done this without you!  When we decided to sell our house, we were faced with a huge amount of work ahead of us and too many items to move to our next home. Thank you for your help in organizing an estate sale.  We were thrilled with the outcome of the sale.  We also sold the house quickly and got our asking price!Your honesty and professionalism were greatly appreciated!”

When our parents passed away, we were left with the entire estate. We decided to put the house on the market and hired Nantucket estate Sales to handle the entire estate contents through an estate sale.Since we live off island, Nantucket Estate sales was entrusted with all of our parent’s personal belongings: Furniture, jewelry, antiques, collectibles and even the car had to be sold. Nantucket Estate Sales handled the job very professionally.  Not only did they sell absolutely everything, including the car, they made us far more money with the sale than we ever imagined. We would highly recommend their Services!”